April 12, 2016–Representative Tipton’s staffer Brian Meinhart will be introducing a proposed legislative exchange of leases held by SG Interests in the Thompson Divide for leases in Delta County this Wednesday at 2pm to the Garfield County Commissioners.

  • CHC opposed the proposed lease exchange legislative proposal tied to a mineral withdrawal in the North Fork Valley that was endorsed by Delta and Gunnison County last year.
  • CHC opposes this proposed legislation that would give SG Interest over 30,000 acres right smack in the middle of our watershed without any environmental impact assessment, bypassing the NEPA, bypassing any public leasing process that BLM must abide by for any leasing of mineral rights.

Here is the link to the draft legislation and the special BOCC meeting agenda

Your voice is needed at this meeting.

Here are the reasons CHC opposes the lease exchange:

  1. The proposed lands for exchange are right smack in the middle of our watershed, and the risk of any additional drilling puts one of our most precious assets at risk;
  2. Local and regional ecological, environmental, and wildlife experts have confirmed the biodiversity in the lease exchange area, which includes Mule Park and Hubbard Park. Even with increased mitigations, our local experts are extremely concerned about the effect of drilling on the unique birds, mature aspen groves, wildlife, and all-season recreation.
  3. The lease exchange area is particularly sensitive as the watershed directly feeds farms down valley. The NFV has the highest concentration of organic farms in the state.
  4. This proposed legislation is irresponsible in seeking to trade leases in a pristine recreational area, for leases in a foodshed without any environmental and human health assessment.

Please make your voice and your presence known by:

  1. Attending the Garfield Board of Commissioners – Special Meeting Wednesday, April 13, 2016 at 02:00 p.m. at 108 8th Street, Suite 100, Glenwood Springs, CO 81601
  2. Call and write letters to the Colorado Congressional Delegation expressing how this proposed legislation is irresponsible;
  3. Call and write to the County Commissioners—Delta, Gunnison and Garfield –expressing how this proposed legislation is irresponsible.

Stay tuned for more information, and on where to send your letters, but start writing…



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