Watch Videos of Speakers from “Understanding the Risks of Oil & Gas Development” Forum

On Saturday, March 31st, CHC hosted a 1/2 day forum on the threats of oil and gas development and fracking. The panel included rancher John Fenton, former Dish, TX mayor Calvin Tillman, industry expert James Northrup, TEDX founder Dr. Theo Colborn, farm owner and artisan cheese producer Deborah Rogers, Staff Attorney for the Western Environmental Law Center, Kyle Tisdel, and former president of the Grand Valley Citizens Alliance, Duke Cox. The amount of information presented was staggering, and the speakers provided well researched information and personal experience that highlighted the dangers of oil and gas development in our area and around the country. The day’s forum drove home the point that any gas development in the North Fork Valley would open the door to devastating and lasting negative impacts for our communities.









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