Video of Jan 28th Public Hearing in Hotchkiss – Moderated by State Sen. Gail Schwartz

Nearly 500 North Fork Valley citizens packed the Commons area of Hotchkiss High School to attend the public hearing organized by Citizens for a Healthy Community. The hearing was moderated by Colorado State Sen. Gail Schwartz and over 60 residents provided statements, with many more signed in to do the same.  The hearing was video recorded and written transcripts compiled as well.  Both a DVD recording and the transcripts will be submitted to the BLM on Feb. 9th with CHC’s comments.

Written Transcripts

Part 01-Hearing Intro 1-28-2012
Part 02-Hearing Part2 Intro 1-28-2012
Part 03-Hearing 2nd Hour 1-28-2012
Part 04-Hearing_3rd_Hour_1-28-2012
Part 05-Hearing 4th hour 1-28-2012


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