Tell Gov. Hickenlooper to Protect Our Air

September 10, 2013 –

The Colorado Air Quality Control Commission (AQCC) – tasked with controlling air pollution from oil and gas operations – has delayed important new clean air rules for another three months. Oil and gas production counts as the number one source for smog producing pollutants. These impending new air pollution standards present the Governor-appointed commission with the opportunity to clean our air and combat climate change. As the brown cloud expands in Colorado’s summertime – it is time we reduce these toxic emissions.

CLICK HERE to email the Governor and Commission to tell them that Colorado needs strong clean air rules.

The EPA has already designated nine Colorado counties as violating federal air pollution standards. Oil and gas activity continues unabated with thousands of new wells drilled each year, compounding impacts already felt from the 51,000 wells in production today.

Children, pregnant mothers, and the elderly are the most vulnerable to the air pollution woes Colorado endures. Oil and gas activity also leaks dangerous methane gas – a potent contributor to climate change. Gov. Hickenlooper said he has a “zero tolerance for methane emissions.” Help us hold him to that by taking action today.

If strong enough, the rules could help protect our public health and clean up our air. Responsible drilling wouldn’t foul the air, which is not only a health concern but could cost jobs by tarnishing Colorado’s pristine image and tourism industries. But true to form, the oil and gas industry is fighting any common sense rules with tired, old arguments.

Colorado needs stronger clean air standards to ensure healthy air for all of us. Will you help us fight back for clean air?

Email the Governor to do the right thing and support strong rules that clean our air and protect Colorado communities.

Here’s a sample letter to send to the Governor. Please be sure to personalize your comments and tell Gov. Hickenlooper why this is an important issue for you:

Dear Governor Hickenlooper,

With the Air Quality Control Commission (AQCC) rulemaking delayed, I strongly urge the Commission to work on robust rules that will protect Coloradans. Air pollution affects us all, particularly our children and the elderly. As rapid oil and gas development continues throughout the state, we need strong rules to counter the impending public health and clean air impacts.

We support your “zero tolerance” for methane emissions. Now is the opportunity to make good on those words.

Half a step in the right direction is not enough. The health of our communities and our children is at stake. Please do the right thing and tell the Air Pollution Control Division to move forward with strong pollution standards that significantly reduce emissions from oil and gas operations.

The health of our communities is counting on it.


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