Task Force Fails, Hold Gov. Hickenlooper Accountable

March 5, 2015 –

Governor Hickenlooper created the oil and gas task force, and he needs to be held accountable for its failure.

Helps us make sure that Governor Hickenlooper gets the message and acts to protect Colorado communities from oil & gas impacts!  Click here to send him a message today through an action alert from our friends at Western Colorado Congress.

The task force wrapped up its work last week.  It failed to address the two main issues that caused the Governor to create it in the first place: 1) increased local government control over oil and gas operations, and 2) increased setbacks between drilling rigs and homes, schools, and other facilities.

Click here to read the task force’s final report to the Governor.  Click here for reactions from elected officials on the results of the task force.

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