Take Action–Will you tell the BLM to cancel illegal leases?


Many of the subject leases are within the Thompson Divide.
Credit: Thompson Divide Coalition. 

The BLM is conducting a review of 65 leases that it admits it issued in violation of environmental laws in the 1990’s and early 2000’s. Many of those illegal leases are located in the Thompson Divide, one of the most beautiful areas in Colorado with over 200,000 acres of roadless backcountry. Don’t just take our word for it, even Teddy Roosevelt called it “great wild country” when he traveled through it.

 BLM to void the leases by the May 6 deadline.

The Thompson Divide provides over 300 jobs and it creates $30 million in economic activity each year. No doubt it has provided peace and inspiration to thousands of people-hikers, fishermen, hunters, backpackers. Oil and gas development would bring air and water pollution, heavy equipment, roads, and pipelines. It would destroy Thompson Divide’s pristine natural environment..

The illegal leases cover more than 80,000 acres of spectacular, mostly roadless backcountry lands, both in and outside of the Thompson Divide. In other words, this is a problem that extends beyond the recently extended SG and Ursa leases; more than half these “deficient” leases lie outside the Thompson Divide, stretching from upper West Divide Creek westwards to Battlement Mesa and almost to DeBeque.

Oil and gas development will destroy thousands of acres of this “great wild country” if the leases somehow get re-examined and re-approved.  The BLM has  already set a precedent by cancelling similar illegal leases in 2004. Why not stop pussyfooting around and just cancel the leases? Our friends at Wilderness Workshop have made it easy for you to send a comment to the BLM to encourage them to cancel the leases.  Please click here to tell the BLM to void the leases by the May 6 deadline.

Thousands of people want to save the Thompson Divide from oil and gas development. Together we can make this happen!  Please send in your public comment today. It’s the initial step to make the BLM  reconsider their decision and save the Thompson Divide from oil and gas development


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