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January 4, 2013

Oil & Gas Development Should be Regulated under the Safe Drinking Water Act

Citizens for a Healthy Community continues to oppose irresponsible oil and gas development, and we will until the industry is sufficiently regulated.  One of the most glaring regulatory holes is the 2005 exemption of fracking and drilling from the Safe Drinking Water Act.

Click here now to sign a White House petition urging the repeal of the 2005 legislation that exempted industry from the Safe Drinking Water Act.

Tell the Colorado Legislature: Pass a moratorium on fracking.

Aside from industry’s exemption from federal environmental laws, the state of Colorado’s regulation of industry leaves a lot of room for improvement.

Fracking has allowed for a drilling boom in Colorado, and until we can ensure that proper regulation is in place that protects both people and their environment, we need the state to place a moratorium on fracking.

Click here now to tell the Colorado Legislature: pass a moratorium on fracking!

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