Your Voice Is Needed To Tell The Delta County Commissioners To Withdraw The Invalid Letter They Submitted To The BLM on the NFMMDP Preliminary EA.


Despite a lawsuit filed against the Delta County Commissioners for violation of Open Meetings Laws, which resulted in a settlement, Delta County Commissioners still acted secretly in submitting their comment letter on the Preliminary Environmental Assessment for the North Fork Mancos Master Development Plan.


An official Board of County Commissioner Letter to the Bureau of Land Management carries weight with the Agency because it presumes that the County position reflects the community. While the letter raises some valid concerns, it concludes with support for the project and ongoing oil and gas development projects. Whereas, the Town of Paonia, agricultural and food organizations, citizens groups, conservationists, and over 700 citizens told the BLM that the Preliminary EA is deficient and that the NFMMDP merits a comprehensive Environmental Impact Statement analysis in their comment letters, Delta County merely sited some concerns and overall support.


No wonder the County Commissioners are out of touch. They did not hold the statutorily required public meeting prior to submitting their letter.


According to Colorado Open Meetings Law “no resolution, rule, regulation, ordinance, or formal action of a state or local public body shall be valid unless taken or made at a meeting that meets the requirements of [open meetings].” Open meetings are required “where adoption of any proposed policy, position, resolution, rule, regulation, or formal actions might occur.”


No open meeting + formal action =Invalid Action


Please submit the following letter to Delta County Commissioners requesting that they withdraw submission of their June 7, 2018 comment letter to the BLM on the Preliminary EA for the North Fork Mancos Master Development Plan. Filling out the form below will submit the included comment letter directly to Delta County Commissioners. Thank you!

BoCC Secret Letter-June 2018
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