Comments Due April 22, 2018

Your Voice Is Needed To Tell The Planning Commission That The Draft Master Plan Does Not Prioritize Clean Air, Water, and Food Over Commercial and Industrial Development. Natural Gas Extraction Is Not Worth The Risk of Destroying Our Land, Water and Brand.

The County is seeking comments that answer the following questions:

Do the priorities identified in the plan reflect the discussions held during the planning process?

Do the strategies and next steps move these priorities forward appropriately based on level of community consensus achieved during the planning process?

Does the Master Plan move Delta County in the right direction with regards to the community’s Vision and Goals?

However, those questions do not address concerns specific to oil and gas development. We have created an online form to make submitting comments and recommendations on issues related to oil and gas as easy as possible.

Please tell the Planning Commission that the only way to ensure their vision of protecting Delta County’s clean air, water, food, and resilient economy is to make that protection a CLEAR, UNAMBIGUOUS priority in the Master Plan.

Please submit the following letter to Planning Commission by April 22, 2018. Filling out the form below will submit the included comment letter directly to the Planning Commission. Thank you!

Delta County Draft Master Plan Comment Letter
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