Second Video Published from “Fracking Here?” Forum – Lisa Bracken

October 5, 2015 –

Earlier this year CHC hosted a half-day educational forum featuring expert speakers and residents from heavily-drilled communities across the West.  The second video from this forum is now available to watch online by clicking on the video below.

Lisa Bracken has been researching and documenting the impacts of on-shore natural gas extraction since 2002, when operations began in her rural neighborhood on West Divide Creek, Colorado. In 2004 the largest on-shore natural gas blow-out in the US occurred during a fracking operation on West Divide Creek and continues today – as chronicled on her website,

Amid continued drilling, a second seep occurred in 2008. Approximately 80 producing gas wells have now been drilled within a mile of Lisa’s home prompting her to strongly advocate for policies and industrial practices which safeguard human health and the natural resources such as air, water and ecological biodiversity on which it depends. Her numerous books include “You And What Army? How To Neutralize Conflict and Negotiate Justice For the Totally Outgunned, Inwardly Timid, Burnt Out or Socially Defunct.”

Slides from Lisa’s presentation are available by clicking here.  You can watch the first video in this series, from Carol Kwiatkowski at TEDX including a discussion of CHC’s baseline air sampling results, by clicking here.  CHC will publish the rest of the videos from “Fracking Here” forum in the coming weeks and months.

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