Public Lab is a community and non-profit organization, with the aim of making information, tools, and research generally available through scientific experts, accessible to citizen scientists. As an open network of community organizers, educators, technologists and researchers working to create low cost solutions for monitoring air, water and land, Public Lab is putting tools and information in the hands of anyone who wants to take monitoring their environment into their own hands. They support exploration and a do-it-yourself ethos, leading to community-based solutions to issues of environmental and social justice.

Taking environmental monitoring into one’s own hands, often begins with the simple question of where to start, and then gets progressively more complex as one dives into a specific type of technology or monitoring. Public Lab has made it easy to ask any question, from the simple “how do I get started?” to the complex, and to kickstart a project. It has created a new forum—the Q&A Forum—which is a powerful resource for anyone with questions about citizen science projects, water, air, or land quality, or mapping projects.


If you have been thinking about how to test your ground or surface water without having to go broke, or how to see what’s going on out of sight, or how to make sense of strange new odors, and more, or if you have technical questions around specific tools, calibration and installation, this is the place to start.


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Asking and answering questions requires logging into a Public Labs account, so that any answers can be attributed to the correct source. However, if you are uncomfortable providing any personal information to a website but would still like to participate, you can reach out to CHC or Public Labs to find an alternative method for logging in.


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