Produced and hosted by Kori Stanton


A Delta County and Western Colorado focused weekly local climate action program.

Crisis to Comeback is a local and regional weekly short-form podcast that explores the local impacts of climate change, the state of local warming, and local climate actions taken by individual citizens, businesses, and government. These short episodes seek to educate, inspire and empower communities to take action within their means—no matter how small or big, incremental or bold that become part of the solution to reversing the perilous local warming trend that threatens the Delta County region and Western Colorado.

Episodes include interviews with local recreation, agriculture, environmental, water, and community groups, businesses, local government, and experts in climate science, water resources, public lands, regenerative agriculture, and more. These podcasts may be used as school curriculum, or as stand-alone pieces for public education. Crisis to Comeback is made possible in part by a grant from the West Elk Community Fund and is brought to you by Citizens for a Healthy Community.



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