New Interactive Map: State of North Fork Valley Oil and Gas

We often speak of industrialization and oil and gas development potential in the North Fork Valley. We talk about leases, permits, land use, and watersheds. It is often difficult to visualize all these different elements. In collaboration with Rocky Mountain Wild, CHC is proud to release a brand new, interactive map designed to give as complete a picture of the situation as we possibly can.


This map combines the potential to zoom into specific locations around Delta County and the surrounding area with an extensive array of interactive data layers. The data layers include a complete list of active injection wells, all other wells (including permitted locations and abandoned locations), directional wells, location of well bottoms, permits (both approved and pending), project areas, existing infrastructure (such as dams, reservoirs, roads, and towns), watersheds, oil and gas leases, grazing allotments, oil and gas development potential, wilderness areas, and land ownership.


This map also incorporates new research into the connection between hydraulically fractured wells and earthquakes, and the danger these earthquakes can pose to sensitive infrastructure like dams and reservoirs.


Putting all of this information into a single map makes it easier to understand the true potential for oil and gas development in the North Fork Valley and the dangers it poses. You can view the interactive map here.

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