Breaking News: Massive Seismic Operation Proposed

Gunnison Energy is proposing a massive seismic mapping project in the North Fork Valley.

According to the Grand Mesa, Uncompahgre, Gunnison National Forest, the project would encompass 28,000 acres north of Paonia, in the area around the Terror Creek Reservoir, up Steven’s Gulch in the Iron Point Unit which is located in Delta and Gunnison County. We have 10 days to comment, with comments due on October 19th. We are reviewing the proposal and potential impacts as quickly as we can.


Here’s what we know:

  • The project will span roughly 28,000 acres;
  • Gunnison Energy is already surveying the area – we have had reports that teams are already flagging and marking the area;
  • The project would overlap with existing roadless areas. Gunnison Energy plans on using helicopters to drop supplies to the seismic mapping teams to avoid building roads where such activity would be prohibited;
  • The seismic mapping teams would use vibroseis buggies to generate seismic waves at the source points along existing roads and trails and on any other lands that are appropriate for their use. Where buggies will not work, they will use helicopters to drill relatively shallow (20-60 ft) shot holes and use 2-5 lb dynamite charges to generate the waves.
  • Gunnison Energy anticipates the project will last 40-60 days, and could require around 50 short-term employees.


The Forest Service is accepting what they’re calling “pre-scoping” comments until October 19th. The Forest Service may try to approve the project through a process called a “categorical exclusion,” where no additional NEPA analysis is required.


You can read about the proposed project at


Attention hydrologists and geologists, and hunters! Please contact us at ASAP with any concerns.


Stay tuned for more details

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