In Case You Missed It – Important News Stories from the Last Few Weeks




GJ Daily Sentinel: Wildlife Emphasis Areas Proposed

The BLM’s Grand Junction Field Office has proposed 11 wildlife emphasis areas for its new Resource Management Plan. Those areas would emphasize management for wildlife habitat over other competing resources. READ MORE

Albany Times Union:  Former Mobil Oil exec urges brakes on gas fracking

As a retired high-ranking oil company executive, one might expect Louis Allstadt to sing the praises of opening up New York to natural gas hydraulic fracturing. “Making fracking safe is simply not possible, not with the current technology, or with the inadequate regulations being proposed,” said Allstadt, retired executive vice president of Mobil. READ MORE

Huffington Post: Family Wins $3 Million Verdict Against Fracking Company

A Texas jury awarded the $3 million to a family that filed suit after their air and drinking water were contaminated by an oil and gas company. Despite the fact that the company plans to appeal, this case sets a positive precedent for impacted residents across the country.READ MORE

Counter Punch: Another Colorado City Considers Banning Fracking

Five Front Range communities have already banned, or placed a moratorium, on fracking. A sixth, Loveland, is considering a ban. This in-depth analysis takes a look at why.  READ MORE

Denver Post: Greeley School Parents’ Fury Forces Oil & Gas Driller to Back Down

Greeley has already allowed 425 gas and oil wells inside city limits including one near a high school. This time they approved one within 900 feet of an elementary school and parents got mad. It’s no surprise that parents reacted so strongly, since Greeley’s safety infrastructure is so inadequate that officials are admitting they’re not prepared for the worst. READ MORE



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