ICYMI: Important Stories from the Last Few Weeks

June 17, 2014-
From time to time, we’ll bring you important news stories, new reports, and other relevant information about irresponsible oil and gas development locally, regionally, and nationally.

Center for Environmental Health: A Fracking Mess! 
A comprehensive podcast on fracking features numerous experts who explain how fracking is damaging our communities.   READ MORE

Vancouver Observer: Unconventional oil and gas will fry climate
ExxonMobil wants (and expects) us to use more unconventional oil and gas but that will probably heat the earth to a level far above what we can reasonably survive.   READ MORE

Colorado Independent: Colorado drilling regulators halt injection-well activity in reaction to Greeley quake
After two earthquakes near Greeley, state officials have ordered a company to shut down it’s waste water injection well, which might be causing the earthquakes.  READ MORE

Tioga Tribune: Dumper Caught “Red-Handed” 
One man was caught dumping drilling waste into a ditch illegally, but while he was fined $5,000, this spill has not shown up on anyone’s spill log.  READ MORE

Summit County Voice: Study – Fracking brew blocks basic body chemistry
“Exposure to the semi-secret brew of chemicals used for fracking blocks hormone receptors and interferes with other other functions that regulate basic body chemistry, scientists said this week, announcing the results of a study that identifies specific health outcomes related to the poisons.”  READ MORE

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