ICYMI: Important Stories from the Last Few Weeks

August 7, 2014 –

From time to time, we’ll bring you important news stories, new reports, and other relevant information about irresponsible oil and gas development locally, regionally, and nationally. Here’s the latest: 

GJ Daily Sentinel: Grand Valley Residents Voice Support for CHC & WELC’s State Director Review Request of Whitewater Drilling Approval
CHC and our legal partners at the Western Environmental Law Center have requested a state director review of the BLM’s approval of 108 new oil wells in the Whitewater area through a flawed process. Grand Valley residents, including Jerry Nelson and Peter Hart, wrote in to the Daily Sentinel to voice their support for the state director review request.

Westword: Fracking Compromise – Savvy Solution or Sellout?
Big news broke this week on the proposed fracking ballot measures. Rep. Jared Polis struck a deal with Gov. John Hickenlooper that resulted in all four oil and gas ballot initiatives being pulled from the ballot this November. In exchange, the Governor is going to appoint an 18-member “Blue Ribbon” Commission to make recommendations to the state on how regulation of drilling and fracking could be improved. One author wonders if this is a savvy solution or a sellout.  READ MORE

Denver Post: Toxic oil and gas spills have increased dramatically
Since May, oil and gas companies spilled oil, gas liquids, and chemicals – including cancer-causing benzene – at least 177 times, a Denver Post analysis of COGCC data found. Several spills contaminated groundwater and one flowed into a river.  READ MORE

Fox 31 KDVR: Concerned homeowners in Greeley say state regulators have no credibility
“We are asking for leadership from COGCC and especially from the Governor to restore balance and sanity into decision-making about oil and gas locations.”  READ MORE

Westword: Single fracking waste well blamed for hundreds of low-level quakes
A company was pumping 300,000 barrels of fracking waste water each month into a disposal well, which caused earthquakes in Weld County that were felt as far away as Boulder and Golden. One barrel is 42 gallons, so that’s 12.6 million gallons of wasted water each month. Earthquakes from drilling waste water injection have gripped Oklahoma for many months, damaging homes and their foundations.  READ MORE

LA Times: Government report says the EPA is missing the mark on fracking regulations
The Government Accountability Office (GAO) told the EPA to do a better job of protecting the environment from fracking. The EPA hasn’t updated the guidance they give other agencies for nearly 30 years and they don’t have sufficient resources to do appropriate oversight, according to the GAO.  READ MORE

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