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February 3, 2015 –

Protect the North Fork Blog – A New Year & New Hope
CHC’s Jim Ramey on recent conservation victories from across Colorado: “We expect a 2015 full of challenges and action, but first here’s a summary of the recent successes from across Colorado. It’s going to take an overwhelming community effort. But, we can be next in line for a major conservation victory like those from Hermosa Creek, the Roan Plateau, and the Thompson Divide.”  READ MORE

The Watch – Drill, Maybe, Drill
CHC, along with our conservation partners at the Western Environmental Law Center and High Country Conservation Advocates, settled our lawsuit with the U.S. Forest Service after the agency withdrew its drilling permit approval for 5 new gas wells in the Gunnison National Forest.  The Forest Service has agreed to cooperate with the BLM in conducting an environmental assessment of the project.  READ MORE

Great Falls Tribune – Impacts of Oil Spill on Fish, Birds Still Unknown
“A pipeline buried beneath the river leaked 30,000 gallons of crude Jan. 17, the second time in five years a pipeline has failed on this stretch spilling oil into the river.  ‘We really don’t know,’ Ken Dockweiler, Bridger’s director of land compliance and government, said of what caused the spill.”  READ MORE

Denver Post – Colorado Oil, Gas Task Force Votes Yes on Increased Local Control
“The governor’s oil land gas task force Tuesday in a straw vote supported a series of proposals that would provide an enhanced role for local governments in the permitting of drilling operations.”  There was also support for things like increasing the number of staff at the Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission, and “increased oversight of air quality by the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment.”  READ MORE

Wall Street Journal – Bakken Shale Wastewater Taints River in North Dakota
“The state said the leak of 3 million gallons is its biggest-ever spill of ‘brine,’ which in addition to high concentrations of salt often contains trace amounts of heavy metals that can be radioactive.  Such spills, which can kill vegetation and ruin farmland, have been increasing in Western North Dakota as the state has become a leading oil producer, pumping more than a million barrels of crude a day from the Bakken Shale.”  READ MORE & EXPLORE IN-DEPTH

The Hill – Inside the Senate’s Big Vote on Whether Climate Change is Real
In a series of votes on amendments to the Keystone XL Pipelines bill, U.S. Senators went on record as believing that “climate change is real and not a hoax,” that “humans contribute to climate change,” and that “humans significantly contribute to climate change.”  READ MORE.  Wonder how Colorado’s Senators voted?  Click these links to view the votes on “climate change is real and not a hoax,” that “humans contribute to climate change,” and that “humans significantly contribute to climate change.”

All Gov – Insurance Industry Adjusts to Earthquake Risk Caused by Fracking
Earthquakes from fracking and oil and gas wastewater disposal could increase your insurance rates.  READ MORE




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