ICYMI: Important News Stories from the Past Few Weeks

July 17, 2014 –

From time to time, we’ll bring you important news stories, new reports, and other relevant information about irresponsible oil and gas development locally, regionally, and nationally.

Denver Post – Poll: Two Jared Polis-Backed Energy Measures Would Pass
Recent polling found that two common-sense ballot initiatives would pass if the election was held today. The first initiative, number 88, would require a 2,000 foot setback between drilling rigs and homes, schools, and other occupied buildings. The second initiative, number 89, would establish an environmental bill of rights that declares Coloradans have a right to clean air, pure water, and natural and scenic values in the state and requires state and local governments to protect the environment. READ MORE

National Geographic – Bakken Oil Boom Brings Growing Pains to Small Montana Town
Crime, lack of affordable housing, and a drastic change to the small-town character have come to Bainville, Montana as part of the booming North Dakota oil fields of the Bakken Shale.  READ MORE

CNN: Seven Earthquakes Shake Oklahoma in Two Days
Oklahoma now has more earthquakes than California. The earthquakes are thought to be caused by the permanent disposal of waste water from the oil and gas industry. A local meteorologist says that the state’s residents should expect regular earthquakes to become the new normal. READ MORE

T. Boone Pickens on CBS News, admitting that he was wrong
when he said “that fracking isn’t going to hurt anybody.”
Media Matters – This Is How You Interview Someone Who Isn’t Telling The Truth About Fracking
Natural gas billionaire T. Boone Pickens admits what he said was wrong on fracking: “There’s no question, somebody was damaged. So you’ve already right quick, you’ve proven me wrong on what I’ve said.WATCH THE VIDEO

Summit County Voice – USGS Study Shows that Injecting Wastewater from Fracking can Trigger Earthquakes up to 20 Miles Away
Researchers found that a small number of waste water injection wells, which are associated with oil and gas development, can lead to a dramatic increase in earthquakes.  READ MORE

ProPublica – Aggressive Tactic on the Fracking Front
A drilling company in Pennsylvania is engaging in “aggressive tactics” by offering residents $50,000 cash to basically release the company from all liability for current and future fracking operations nearby.  READ MORE

Concerned Health Professionals of New York – Compendium of Fracking Problems Released
A New York group of concerned health professionals has released a detailed report on the risks and harms of fracking.  READ MORE

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