ICYMI – Important News Stories from the Past Few Weeks

October 5, 2015 –

Glenwood Post-Independent – Tipton: I Won’t Support Permanent Ban in Divide
“I will not, however support legislation that permanently withdraws federal land from future natural resource development inside or outside of the Thompson Divide. Our goals for solving the Thompson Divide problem cannot conflict with responsible long-term management of the U.S. natural resource portfolio. We do not know what this country’s energy needs will be in the long-term future, and should keep all energy resources as viable option to fuel our economy.” READ MORE

Glenwood Post-Independent – Letter: What Tipton Didn’t Say
“Mr. Tipton, the Republican congressman for western Colorado, left out some important information in his recent guest column urging that local communities give Texas oil and gas company SG Interests everything it wants without any reciprocal offering – such as specifically protecting other cherished and heavily utilized critical public lands in the area.”  READ MORE

Behind the Curtain: An inside look at the oil & gas industry/Republican ‘REDPRINT’ for turning Colorado
from Blue to Red. Photo: Boulder Weekly.

Aspen Daily News – North Fork Valley Conservation Group Opposed Land Swap
“A North Fork Valley conservation group has clarified its opposition to a proposed land swap that would free up most of the Thompson Divide area from extraction activities, but open up lands west of McClure Pass to drilling.”  READ MORE

Boulder Weekly – Behind the Curtain
“An inside look at the oil and gas industry/Republican ‘REDPRINT’ for turning Colorado from Blue to Red”  READ MORE

Grand Junction Daily Sentinel – Notification Lacking for Well Flaring in Upper North Fork
“SG Interests flared a natural gas well in the upper North Fork Valley recently without notifying local authorities, reportedly requiring an unnecessary visit to the somewhat remote location by local firefighters.”  READ MORE

Colorado Pols – Rural VFD Scrambles as Billionaire Driller Flares Well & Funds Politician
“SGI should work diligently to reduce flaring and methane leaks and wastage at all its operations. And state and federal agencies need to step up monitoring and inspections and much more rigorously enforce their rules. And while Colorado has implemented state-based rules around methane flaring and venting, federal rules need to catch up to ensure that SGI and every energy company is acting to reduce and eliminate flaring and venting at their wells. It may cost a couple of billionaires a few more bucks, but it saves the rest of us time, resources, and money. Plus it helps the planet too.”  READ MORE

The Colorado Statesman – Local-control rules for oil and gas drilling in Colorado coming soon
“Following a lengthy outreach process, draft local-control rules for oil and gas drilling near homes and public buildings in Colorado’s towns and counties are ‘imminent,’ according to Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission Director Matt Lepore.”  READ MORE

E&E News – Obama to Overhaul Process for Offsetting Environmental Harm
“The White House is preparing a presidential memorandum that seeks to streamline how the government offsets damage to public lands, waters and wildlife, according to several sources.”  READ MORE

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