ICYMI-Important News Stories from the Last Few Weeks (3/10/14)

March 10, 2014 –

From time to time, we’re going to bring you summaries of some of the top news stories about the oil and gas industry, from Colorado and across the country.

Denver Post & KDNK: Local Control Ballot Initiative Launched by Broad-Based Coalition

A coalition of concerned residents and groups from across Colorado, called Local Control Colorado, launched a ballot initiative to give local communities a say in regulating, or banning, oil and gas development within their borders. Read more in The Denver Post. Hear the interview on KDNK.

Greeley Tribune:  Massive oil, gas explosion north of Greeley results in minor injuries

A massive fire raged for hours at a rural Colorado drilling location, awaking neighbors, lighting up the night sky, and injuring two workers. Read more.

Philly.com:  Chevron apologizes to residents for well explosion that killed one worker with gift certificates for free pizza

Nearby residents–who were shaken out of their beds at night by an explosion and fire that raged for hours–got an “I’m sorry” from Big Oil in the form of a pizza gift certificate. One worker was killed, another was injured, and the fire raged for five days. Read more.

USA Today:  ExxonMobil CEO sues to keep fracking traffic away from his ranch

Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson joined a lawsuit to keep a water tower–that would supply the heavy trucks that cart water to fracking sites–from being built in his wealthy Dallas suburb. Colorado Congressman Jared Polis welcomed Rex to the “Society of Citizens Really Enraged When Encircled by Drilling (SCREWED).” Read more.

ThinkProgress: Health Care Professionals Across U.S. Call on Pres. Obama for More Fracking Regulation

A letter with more than 1,000 signatures from health care professionals asked Obama to declare certain areas in the U.S. off-limits to fracking and to ensure that fracking is no longer exempt from provisions of environmental laws like the Clean Water Act and Clean Air Act. Read more.

EcoNews: Study finds underestimated methane emissions negate industry claims of fracked gas’ benefits

The oil and gas industry has consistently underestimated how much methane pollution fracking produces. Read more

Bloomberg: Texas regulators and oil and gas executives continue to ignore impacts to residents

“Help us residents of South Texas before we all die.” Texas groups ask for help to clean up the toxic mess left by the oil and gas industry. Read more.


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