Do you consider yourself a hypocrite or NIMBY (not in my backyard) because you depend on products everyday based on petrochemicals and are opposed to oil and gas leasing and development in the North Fork Valley and Delta County? This is a question or statement often thrown out at “environmental activists” fighting for clean air, water and foodsheds and to protect public lands when oil and gas development threatens them.


Recently we were asked this question in a meeting. While we had the same intention and vision, we answered the question differently—we answered the question from different angles. That got us thinking, that we all take the same position on this issue, but we are all likely coming at it from different perspectives. We also may have different ideas around solutions and a path forward to transitioning off of oil and gas.


We want to hear from you. We are not one-dimensional and neither is the answer to this question. It is important that we counter these questions with a show of collective force.


Please tell us how you would respond to this question:

Calling All "Hypocrites"!
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