Hidden Fracking Complaint Data Uncovered

For the first time ever, the public has access to thousands of citizen complaints related to fracking in Pennsylvania – the second largest producer of natural gas behind Texas – thanks to a three-year investigation by investigative team at Public Herald.


Public Herald conducted a three-year investigation into 9,442 fracking complaints submitted by Pennsylvania residents. It found that the Department of Environmental Protect, received an average of three oil and gas complaints per business day, with just over 10,000 unconventional wells drilled.


For the first time, complaints including dialogue between impacted residents, state officials and the industry, water test results, reports of health problems, inspection notes, etc have been mapped by municipality to show the density of complaints across the state.


This is a must watch webinar, on the shocking cover up and misconduct of a state agency regarding the impacts of fracking, which is being compared to misconduct in Flint Michigan over the lead pipe poisoning of drinking water. Public Herald developed a misconduct spreadsheet that is shocking. This investigative report questions how we can trust our government agencies with our health, and is the beginning of a campaign to demand accountability.


  • Get an insider’s look into this report and the opportunity to interact with the team behind the report.
  • Learn how to navigate Public Herald’s Complaint Map and database.
  • Find out about a new Pennsylvania-wide accountability campaign calling on the state Attorney General Josh Shapiro to conduct his own investigation on the DEP, based on the evidence.


This link will take you the investigative reports, complaint database, spreadsheet on misconduct, and the recorded webinar.

Halt the Harm joined forces with Public Herald for an exclusive opportunity to hear directly from members of the Public Herald team behind this report, Melissa Troutman and Sierra Shamer.

On the heels of these investigative findings a federal judge overturns a $4.24M jury award in the lawsuit filed by Dimrock residents.

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