Have HBO? Host a Screening of Gasland II on July 8th!

From our friend Josh Fox:

On July 8th the truth comes out. Again.

That’s the day HBO will premiere Gasland Part II. Although the frackers would prefer otherwise, millions of Americans will soon learn about the dangers fracking poses to our water, our air, our climate.

If you have HBO, click here to sign up to host a watch party.

And the simple truth is this: once people understand what fracking is, and what it does, they make the right choice. That is how we (and you are a BIG part of that “we”) put a stop to fracking in the Delaware River Basin. That is why there is no fracking in New York today.

The lesson is that we can stop the drills if we can get enough people to listen. So here is the part of the email where we need to ask something of you:

Go to gaslandthemovie.com and sign-up to host a watch party on July 8th.

You can view the trailer on youtube below.

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