Gunnison Energy Proposes Another Massive Seismic Project In Our Watershed

Gunnison Energy has proposed another 3D and 2D seismic mapping proposal in our watershed called Trail Gulch Seismic Project, and the Forest Service is accepting public scoping comments through December 7th.


According to documents provided by Gunnison Energy to the Forest Service, this project will span 14,165 acres, north of Paonia, in the Trail Gulch Federal Unit, up Steven’s Gulch. The details of the 3D project are similar to the 3D Iron Point Project: vibroseis trucks and dynamite-shot holes will be used to generate seismic waves, which will be picked up by hundreds of miles of receivers strung across the landscape. This project, however, overlaps significantly with two Roadless Areas: the Turner Creek and Clear Fork. The project area also contains significant winter elk habitat. The 2D project proposal contains two separate 2D seismic lines within the project area. While the 3D project would not be implemented until summer 2019, the 2D project may be implemented as soon as early January.


Right now, the Forest Service is conducting a scoping period for the Trail Gulch project. This is particularly vital given that the Forest Service has not completed its analysis on the Iron Point Project. It appears at this point that the Forest Service has not yet decided whether or not they will consider these projects jointly. However, the projects are inseparable: they are being proposed by the same company, in the same watersheds and same wildlife habitat, for the same purpose. Together they represent potential impacts to tens of thousands of acres of public lands, and to all the residents of the North Fork Valley who depend on these watersheds and airsheds for their lives and livelihoods, and to all those who depend on the North Fork Valley for clean and healthy produce, meats, and goods.


CLICK HERE to send a comment to the Forest Service demanding that they consider these projects cumulatively, in an Environmental Assessment.


CLICK HERE to learn more.


Comments are due to the Forest Service December 7th. The majority of this project is in Gunnison County, with a small portion in Delta County. We are waiting on notification from Delta and Gunnison County’s formal notice in the paper, which we anticipate will be coming in the near future. Stay tuned for more updates as we get them. Thank you. Your persistence makes all the difference.




















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