Great News! BLM to Include North Fork Alternative in Draft RMP

October 31, 2013 –

Great news! The BLM announced this week that they will include the North Fork Alternative Plan in the draft Resource Management Plan (RMP) for the Uncompahgre Field Office.

The details of how the BLM plans to include our proposal within the RMP have not yet been made available. Just because the BLM has said they will consider the North Fork Alternative doesn’t mean that they will adopt its recommendations into the final version of the RMP.  

Thank you to the many residents, organizations, and elected officials who have voiced your support for the North Fork Alternative Plan. Because of you, the BLM is taking this into serious consideration.

As you may know, the last RMP for the region was finished in 1989. Since these documents determine how public lands are used for decades, it’s very important that the BLM gets it right and selects smart management that will protect the North Fork from the threats of risky oil and gas drilling and fracking.

The inclusion of the North Fork Alternative into the draft RMP is important because it will allow you to submit your official public comment (during the comment period after the draft RMP is released) asking the BLM to choose the North Fork Alternative in its final RMP.

We will need everyone’s help to make sure that the BLM adopts the recommendations of the North Fork Alternative Plan.  Your next opportunity to help is coming up soon!  We invite our members and concerned residents to attend a work session of the Delta County Board of Commissioners on Tuesday, Nov. 12th to show your support for the North Fork Alternative Plan.


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