Frack War: The North Fork Strikes Back by Evelyn Searle Hess comes at a critical time in Colorado when tensions over residential drilling and leasing and development on public lands remain high. Colorado is facing a quarter of million acres of public lands up for auction for oil and gas leasing, the State is still reeling from a deadly house explosion in Firestone Colorado, a 2,500 oil and gas setback initiative is on the November 2018 ballot, the oil and gas industry in Colorado continues to spend tens of millions of dollars to thwart citizens’ efforts to prioritize public health, safety and the environment, and the largest earthquake in years just struck Western Colorado in Parachute and is likely connected to oil and gas activity in the area. Frack War is the story of:

Farmers, ranchers, sportsmen, business owners, homeowners, parents, lawyers, artists, residents, and nonprofit organizations all coming together to save one of the most special and unique places in the world.


How we are not only fighting for ourselves but for everyone who depends on us for the highest quality of fruits, vegetables, and meats that come from the largest concentration of organic farms in the State of Colorado from being destroyed.


How we are fighting to prevent oil and gas leasing on the public lands which surround or permeate our watershed, farms, ranches, homes, prime fishing and hunting grounds.


How individuals come together to protect the North Fork Valley’s brand of clean air, water and food, its status as 1 of 15 irreplaceable ecosystems in the United States considered Too Wild To Drill, and its role in Colorado’s food security and recreational economy.

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