Energy Survey Busts Silent Majority Myth

Today, CHC released the report ENERGY DEVELOPMENT IN THE NORTH FORK VALLEY: Community Perspective that reveals dramatic polarity between constituents and Delta county officials where the extraction industry is concerned, and calls on Delta County Commissioners to develop a Climate Action Plan and to drastically improve representation of the North Fork Valley community in energy development decisions. The report is based on a community survey designed to evaluate the perspectives of area residents on energy development in the North Fork Valley.


This is the first comprehensive survey conducted in the County on the economic, social, and environmental impacts of energy development and statistically shows that most North Fork Valley residents reject the direction that officials are taking the county in regard to the extraction industry. The report was conducted by the independent consulting firm, Weise Consulting, and its findings clearly refute the County’s claims that a “silent majority” is supportive of increased fossil-fuel extraction in the North Fork Valley.


Read our press release here.

Read Executive Summary here.

Read Full Report here.



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