$1 A Day!

$1 A Day To Save the North Fork From Becoming A Sacrifice Zone


CHC has been fighting for you and the North Fork Valley for a decade.


We’ve prevented new oil and gas leasing in the NFV for the last 7 years which has enabled a new resilient economy based on sustainable and organic agriculture, outdoor recreation, creative arts, renewable energy, and health and wellness to THRIVE!


We’ve ensured that 100,000 acres of expired leases are closed to development action. We won our lawsuit against the Bureau of Land Management on an approved 146-well project.


We have won important battles, but the fight to protect this special place so many of us call home is most certainly NOT over.



$1 A Day For Clean Air, Water, Food, and Healthy Lifestyle


The BLM wants to open 95% of BLM lands and minerals in our area to oil and gas leasing with minimal protections for public health, safety, welfare, the environment and wildlife.


One gas operator with enormous resources has identified our area as a world class asset for natural production and its only sandbox.


There was just recently a produced water spill 330 feet away from the West Muddy Creek that drains into Paonia Reservoir. We cannot afford any more wells in our watershed, and most certainly not a forecasted 1200 wells if we don’t prevent new leasing.


$1 a day for 2 years will guarantee that we are still here watchdogging, empowering our community to action, and organizing the public comment, media outreach and legal campaigns needed to stop this Administration from converting our valley to one dominated by industrial development.


Federal public lands agencies and industry seem to be doing everything they can to thwart Colorado’s recent statutory changes to put public health, safety, the environment, and stable climate goals FIRST. We cannot allow a bunch of “drill baby drill” mindsets on the Western Slope to destroy everything good about the North Fork Valley and Colorado. But we can’t do it alone, and we can’t do it without individual contributions like yours to keep us going.


Please give $1 a day TODAY to ensure that we can keep fighting for you. That’s only $30 a month. And commit to doing it for 2 years!

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