Gunnison Energy’s 3D Seismic Applications Are Back In Delta County, and the Watershed Needs Your Help!

Gunnison Energy’s 3D Seismic Mapping Projects are back in Delta County. The Trail Gulch and Iron Point Projects are massive – covering over 81 square miles of the Upper North Fork Valley just northeast of the Town of Paonia in the Turner Creek and Clear Fork, West Muddy,Hubbard Creek, and Terror Creek watersheds. The Projects also abut the northern portion of the North Fork Mancos Master Development Project. The proposed project area overlaps with several inventoried Colorado Roadless Areas, and contains winter elk habitat and cutthroat trout habitat.


These projects are two separate 3D Seismic proposals, the Iron Point in Delta County, and the Trail Gulch, in both Delta and Gunnison County. The issue is further complicated by the fact that Gunnison Energy has proposed accompanying 2D projects in the both areas. The Iron Point 2D project was approved by Delta County and completed in late 2018. The Trail Gulch 2D project, which was entirely in Gunnison County, was approved by Gunnison County and is pending US Forest Service approval. The 2D project’s timeline is likely similar to the 3D projects, as the Forest Service is currently assessing all three projects. The 3D projects are slated to commence work in July of 2019. 


Click here to learn more about the difference between 2D and 3D seismic mapping.


Both 3D projects are currently undergoing review in Delta County. Delta County is accepting comments on the 3D projects until 9:00 am on March 11th.


The Delta County Trail Gulch 3D application is available here.


The Delta County Iron Point application is available here.