CHC Urges State Commission to Protect Public Health, Increase Setbacks between Homes and Drilling to 2,000 feet

December 12, 2012

Yesterday, Citizens for a Healthy Community urged the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) to protect public health by enacting a 2,000 foot setback from oil and gas operations near residences, schools, and hospitals.

“We know that people living less than ½-mile from a well pad are at greater risk, and we know about the health effects of many of the chemicals used in drilling and fracking, yet this Commission has proposed a setback of only 350 feet,” said Jim Ramey, Director of Citizens for a Healthy Community to the Commissioners. “The currently proposed 350 foot setback would fail to protect public health, and would subject Coloradans to an unacceptable level of risk associated with oil and gas development.”

Click here to take action and tell Gov. Hickenlooper and the Commissioners to keep drilling away from homes and schools!

The currently proposed draft rule from the Commission would require that oil and gas drilling operations be located at least 350 feet from residences, and if a building unit owner is located within 1,000 feet of a proposed well, the operator would be required to consult with the building unit owner.

“When we are talking about protecting public health, we shouldn’t be using terms like ‘diminishing returns’ and ‘undue burden on industry.’” Ramey said. “The people of Colorado need the COGCC to hold industry to a higher standard and to favor protecting citizens over protecting profits.”

The COGCC has scheduled additional public hearings on January 7th and 8th to continue consideration of the draft rule.

To read the full statement from Citizens for a Healthy Community to the COGCC, please click here.


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