CHC submits fifty pages of comments and thousands of pages of exhibits to BLM – Feb 9th, 2012

Fifty pages of comments and thousands of pages exhibits that included detailed information and public hearing statements provided by North Fork Valley residents was submitted to the Bureau of Land Management today by the Western Environmental Law Center on behalf of Citizens for a Healthy Community.   The comments outline numerous reasons why the BLM’s actions are unlawful and why the agency should withdraw all 22 parcels/30, 000 acres from the August, 2012 oil and gas lease sale.

Download Comments Submitted to BLM

Citizens for a Healthy community organized a rally outside of the Montrose BLM office that was attended by nearly 150 North Fork Valley residents and presented the BLM with the written comments, information collected from residents, and a DVD and transcripts of the January 28th public hearing that was moderated by State Sen. Gail Schwartz.   The rally included speakers from the North Fork Valley, music by Mike Gwinn, much creative sign work,  and a flash mob organized by Merrily Talbott.

Thanks to all who attended.


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