CHC Presents Backpack Air Sampling Project to Air Quality Control Commission in Grand Junction

June 28, 2013 –

Last week, Citizens for a Healthy Community Board Member John VanDenBerg was in Grand Junction to present CHC’s new air sampling project to the state Air Quality Control Commission.

Dozens of residents turned out to share their concerns about how oil and gas development can degrade our air quality, particularly during winter inversions.

Click here to read more about CHC’s air sampling project and click here to see the PowerPoint presentation John gave to the Commission.

Created in 1970 by the Colorado Legislature, the Air Quality Control Commission develops air pollution control policy, regulates pollution sources and conducts hearings involving violations of the state’s air pollution laws.

The nine-member citizen board is appointed by the governor, for three year terms, with the consent of the Senate. Currently, Teresa Coons serves on the board as the only Western Slope representative.

The commission is soon expected to begin a rulemaking to tighten controls for oil and gas facilities other than those on the well pad, like pipelines, compressor stations, etc.

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