CHC List of Accomplishments

  • Selected a Board of Directors
  • Held approximately 10 Board meetings
  • Selected a name for the organization
  • Created a mission statement
  • Wrote a strategic plan/annual work plan
  • Created a budget
  • Created Bylaws
  • Had attorney review legal references in Bylaws
  • Passed Bylaws
  • Registered with the State of Colorado as a non-profit organization
  • Opened a bank account
  • Opened a post office box
  • Invited the following people to speak to our group to provide guidance in their area of expertise:
  • Sent out an email action alert notifying people of BLM open house/public comment period on revised Resource Management Plan and urging them to attend and provide comments
  • Met with the Field Manager and staff of the Uncompaghre Field Office of BLM to introduce ourselves and to express our concerns regarding natural gas development
  • Met with the following allies to learn what they were doing, network, share ideas, and discuss commonalities/differences and strategies:
  • Printed and laminated a 3’ X 4’ map of the BLM Uncompaghre Field Office showing areas leased for natural gas, location of wells, and areas of federally owned minerals available for leasing
  • Sent letter to Field Manager of Uncompaghre Field Office of BLM, Colorado State BLM Director, and Colorado State BLM Deputy Director of Minerals requesting a provision be inserted in unit agreements requiring all drilling on private land with private minerals to comply with federal regulations in return for the extension of federal leases within the unit when a successful/producing well has been drilled on private land/private minerals.
  • Prepared Powerpoint program and gave presentation to Paonia Rotary Club and to interested members of the public at the Paonia Library
  • Submitted cover letter and 9 pages of scoping comments to BLM on the Resource Management Plan Revision
  • Prepared BLM Resource Management Plan Revision scoping information sheet and citizen scoping comment letter
  • Sent 2 email action alerts to several hundred people providing them with the scoping information sheet and scoping comment letter and urging them to print, sign, and submit letter to BLM
  • Placed information sheet and citizen scoping comment letters in Hardins Natural Food Store for people to send in to BLM
  • Volunteers passed out information sheet and citizen scoping comment letters at the Old River Trading Post, collected signed letters, and mailed them to BLM
  • Generated 118 letters from citizens supporting our position that were sent to BLM during the Resource Management Plan Revision scoping public comment period
  • Submitted an application to the film maker of Gaslands requesting a screening of the film and doing so as our kick-off event with 100 people in attendance
  • Hired a communications consultant to write our introductory letter, email, news release, and advertisement
  • Received approval as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.
  • Filed two formal administrative protests over BLM’s auctioning of 4 gas lease parcels totaling approximately 1,800 acres.
  • Submitted a Freedom of Information Act request to BLM to obtain information on energy company accidents, regulatory violations, enforcement actions and penalties assessed, amount of financial assurance required for each well to ensure abandoned wells are cleaned up, and implementation of unit agreements. In addition to providing the public with information on how the BLM implements its gas exploration and development program, this information will also serve as pre-litigation research.
  • Submitted 8 pages of comments to BLM on Fram’s Master Plan of Development that proposed 500 gas wells on the 90,000 acre Whitewater Unit—the largest natural gas unit in the state.
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