CHC Launches New Podcast


CHC launches new podcast to put a spotlight on the impacts of climate change in Delta County and across western Colorado with the aim of educating local residents, businesses and governments about the situation and motivating them to take action.

Crisis to Comeback is your local and regional weekly short-form podcast that explores the impacts of climate change and the state of warming in Delta County and western Colorado, as well as the efforts that can be taken or are already under way in the region to address the challenge.

Episodes will be released on Fridays and available on the CHC website and other podcast platforms.

Host Kori Stanton, as well as the occasional guest host, will over the coming weeks and months explore various topics related to the climate crisis in Delta County and beyond by interviewing local voices in our communities, renowned scientists and experts in our western Colorado climate. Stanton is a Delta County native, farmer, professional photographer and an award-winning radio journalist who produces another short-form podcast about nature and science called Rain & Shine.

Listen to the first episode here.





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