CHC Delivers Public Comments to Colorado Air Quality Control Commission

Feb. 19, 2014 –

Today, CHC Director Jim Ramey delivered public comments before the Colorado Air Quality Control Division in support of new regulations that would drastically reduce the amount of air pollution from the oil and gas industry.

“Air pollution from this industry doesn’t stop at county lines, and that’s why we need a strong, statewide standard. Rural residents of Colorado deserve to breathe clean air just like residents on the Front Range,” Ramey said. “Please, reject the call from some members of the industry to gut the new rules and subject rural residents to dirtier air. The industry’s attitude of ‘don’t increase regulations, just trust us,’ cannot be tolerated any longer. Now is the time to do this right.”

Thank you to all of our members who took the time to submit written or emailed comments.  The rulemaking is scheduled to go through the weekend. It’s not too late to tweet (@hickforco) or send a Facebook message to Governor Hickenlooper urging his administration to pass these new rules.

Click here to read Jim’s comments.

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