Bowie Withdraws Application For Coal Gasification Plant

Bowie officially withdrew its application to build a coal gasification plant in the North Fork Valley through a Technical Revision yesterday.

The application raised a lot of red flags for residents, environmental groups and regulators. The proposal for five coal gasification units operating 24 hours a day, each capable of processing 72 tons per day of coal mine waste, and producing diesel/fuel oil looked a lot like an oil refinery and not a traditional coal mining operation.


Your letters made a difference! Over 400 letters were sent to the Colorado Division of Reclamation and Mining Safety (DRMS) requesting that DRMS require Bowie Resources, LLC to submit the appropriate Permit Revision application and hold a public hearing on the proposed plant. In mid-December DRMS announced on that it would conduct a public hearing on the proposed plant. DRMS also advised Bowie of deficiencies within its application. On January 5th, Bowie officially withdrew its application.


Bowie may try again by submitting a proper permit application and seeking required approvals from other state agencies. But for now, we can breathe a little easier.

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