Tell Delta County the Proposed 3D Iron Point Seismic Mapping Proposal Is NOT MINOR!

Gunnison Energy is still pushing forward with its plan to conduct a massive seismic mapping project in our watershed.

Delta County issued a public notice on October 31st on Gunnison Energy’s Specific Development Application for its 3D Seismic Project in the Iron Point Unit, north of the Town of Paonia,  south of Electric Mountain, in the Hubbard Creek drainage. The entire project area covers 28,000 acres in Delta and Gunnison Counties, and on public (mostly Forest Service) and private land. According to the map in the US Forest Service application, we estimate that 70-75% of the project is in Delta County.  While the applicant has indicated that the project calls for 1,430 source points (energy source either from explosives or high vibration trucks), spaced 1.320 feet apart in Delta County; it has not indicated the acreage covered in Delta County.

Delta County is holding a public meeting on November 14th to determine whether or not the County Commissioners will approve processing Gunnison Energy’s proposed Iron Point 3D Seismic Mapping application through an administrative review process, instead of full a public review process involving the Area Planning Committee, Planning Commission, and public hearing, prior to review by the County Commissioners.

This project is already adversely impacting Delta County, and the application Gunnison Energy submitted is incomplete and inadequate.

Send this letter to the County, demanding a full review, with full public participation.

Please attend the Commissioners’ Meeting on November 14th to comment on the problems with this application in person. The meeting is at 1:30 pm, on Wednesday, November 14th, at the Delta County Courthouse.

Carpooling: Email here if you are interested in attending and either need a ride or have room in your vehicle.























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