Action Alert – Tell Gov. Hickenlooper that We Need Real Solutions on Oil & Gas

August 8, 2014 –

Earlier this week, big news broke that two ballot initiatives–that would have reigned in rampant drilling and fracking in Colorado through enacting sensible protections–were pulled from the ballot in an 11th hour compromise.

Click here to send an email to the Governor today and tell him that you want meaningful action on oil and gas in Colorado!

No longer will residents decide if they want larger buffer zones around fracking or whether local governments can protect their communities beyond state standards.

Hick photo credit jkarsh on Flickr.Initiative 88 would have moved oil and gas back 2,000 feet from homes, schools and other occupied structures, while number 89 would have ensured all Coloradans had the right to clean air and water through local regulation of industry.

Although over 200,000 folks signed the petitions, a tentative agreement was struck between Congressman Jared Polis (D-Boulder) and Governor John Hickenlooper.  Industry agreed to drop their two pro-fracking initiatives, as well, which sought to penalize local governments with strong fracking rules and require fiscal impact reports for ballot measures.

Now, Gov. Hickenlooper is getting ready to appoint 18 members to a “Blue Ribbon” Commission tasked with making recommendations to state regulators and legislators.

You can make a difference by emailing Gov. Hickenlooper and telling him that it’s time for real solutions on oil and gas.  Click here to email the Governor today! 

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