Action Alert: Stand Up for Rural Colorado’s Air!

February 4, 2014 –

Colorado is poised to adopt groundbreaking new limits on airborne pollution from oil and gas operations, but some members of the industry are fighting tooth and nail to stop these common sense safeguards.

Take action today:  click here to email the Air Quality Control Commission by Feb. 7th and tell them to protect rural air quality in Colorado.

After groundbreaking new rules were proposed last fall, it didn’t take long for some members of the oil and gas industry and local governments from the gas patch to begin trashing these much needed regulations.

Five Western Slope local governments are arguing for loose standards for rural areas, despite the fact that air pollution from drillers and frackers doesn’t stop at county lines.  And the oil and gas industry’s trade associations are offering “technical corrections” that would effectively gut the proposed rules.

Your voice is needed! Email the Commission and tell them to listen to residents, not lobbyists, and protect air quality across Colorado!

Send your comments to:

Consider some of the following points in your email to the Commissioners, and be sure to add your own personal message.  Why is air quality important to you and your family?

  • Rural residents shouldn’t be penalized because we don’t live in the city. Colorado needs a strong rule that protects all residents, not just those that live on the Front Range.
  • Chemicals from oil and gas operations can create ground level ozone, which harms agricultural output. Drillers should be required to use all available technology to stop this pollution.
  • Polluted air is bad for Colorado and bad for our economy. Tourists don’t come to Colorado for our smog.
  • We need strong leak detection requirements. Not only will this help to reduce methane pollution, a potent greenhouse gas, but it also makes economic sense because that methane won’t go to waste.

The Commission has scheduled a rulemaking hearing beginning on February 19th to adopt the new rules.  Make sure to send in your comments today and be sure to get them in by Feb. 7th at the latest.

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